TRS administers the fund from which teachers in the state’s public schools, many employees of the University System of Georgia, and certain other designated employees in educational-related work environments receive retirement benefits.

TRS offers a defined benefit plan, guaranteeing a monthly benefit – based on a member’s final average salary and service – which is payable for the life of the member, and when applicable, transferable to a member’s spouse or beneficiary(ies).

A defined benefit retirement plan (401A) relieves its members of the burden of making investment decisions and assuming the risk associated with those decisions. TRS assumes this risk for its members. Therefore, the retirement benefit offered by TRS is secure.

Unlike an IRA or 401K account, a TRS retirement benefit is not impacted by stock market performance. The State of Georgia guarantees TRS members will receive retirement income for life. Also, depending on the plan of retirement chosen, a TRS retirement benefit can be passed to a beneficiary at a member’s death, and the beneficiary continues to receive this income until his or her death.

TRS manages the retirement accounts of 277,000 active members, and pays a monthly benefit to 137,000 retired members and survivors. TRS retiree payroll is in excess of $5.4 billion dollars per year.

TRS benefits are administered and paid in accordance with laws enacted by the Georgia Legislature.