The TRS pension calculator is an educational tool designed to help members, who are more than 5 years from retirement, estimate their monthly benefit for service retirement. You may use this calculator far in advance of your retirement to help you develop your personal retirement strategy by experimenting with various retirement scenarios.

If you are a member who is retiring within 5 years, you may use the benefit estimate generator located on our Account Management website. Once you establish a personal account, you may generate benefit estimates using actual data from your TRS account.

The calculator does not use information from your TRS account. You must enter all the information required to perform a retirement calculation, and the estimate provided is calculated based upon the information you enter. The pension calculator will estimate the following:

  • Plan A, Maximum Plan of Retirement
  • Plan B, Option 2
  • Plan B, Option 2, pop up
  • Plan B, Option 3
  • Plan B, Option 3, pop up
  • Partial Lump sum Option Plan (PLOP)


This pension calculator is provided solely as an estimating tool; all results should be considered approximations. Since the calculator does not use actual data from your TRS service and salary records, you should not consider the estimates it produces as final determinations of your retirement benefit. TRS accepts no responsibility for any errors or defects in the calculator, nor in any data you may input. TRS retains no record of the estimates produced by this calculator. Accordingly, no estimate so produced shall be in any way binding upon TRS, which has sole authority under law to determine your retirement benefits. Your actual retirement benefit will be determined when you formally apply for retirement.

You should familiarize yourself with certain limitations on salary earned, salary increases received, and retirement payments received, as this calculator does not apply these rules to your calculation.

If you are interested in receiving a disability retirement benefit estimate, please contact our office.