Retiree Events

We have created a workshop aimed at keeping you informed throughout your retirement, including information about what’s new at TRS, membership statistics, a financial update, as well as any legislation that may affect you. This workshop is offered in two ways – either a virtual meeting using WebEx, or in-person when desired and when permitted under state and federal guidelines.

Who should attend?

Retired TRS members who are affiliated with any teacher group or association that has scheduled an event where TRS is on the agenda. Pre-retirees may attend as well, if they are invited through the teacher group hosting your meeting.

Who presents the workshop?

The TRS Outreach Program Manager or a TRS Retirement Planner.

How long does it last?

15 to 30 minutes (or longer), depending on the agenda set by your group’s meeting coordinator.

How do I request a meeting with TRS if I am coordinating an event for a group or association?

Contact the TRS Outreach Program Manager at, or call 404-680-8469. We can discuss your open dates and the desired meeting format.