Additional Steps Needed to Process Your Application

In addition to the information you provide online, there are additional steps you must complete before your application can be processed by TRS.

  • You must print, complete, sign, notarize, and return the Affidavit of Residency form to TRS. This form must be NOTARIZED.
  • You must print, sign, and return to TRS the Retirement Application Summary provided after the online process is complete.
  • You are required to submit a photocopy of personal identification containing the date of birth for yourself and your beneficiaries. Acceptable forms of identification are listed here.
  • When you submit your online retirement application, your Retirement Certification form will be sent directly to your last employer for completion and submission to TRS. Your retirement application is not complete and your benefits cannot be calculated until your employer submits this form.
  • If you have unused sick leave, you must fill out the Sick Leave Certification form during the online retirement application process. Once you submit your retirement application, the Sick Leave Certification form will be sent directly to your current and previous employers for completion and submission to TRS. You may send the Sick Leave Certification form to your previous employers at any time prior to retirement. However, your current employer can only submit this form to TRS after your last day of work. Pending certification, your monthly benefit will be adjusted retroactively for any unused sick leave credit applied toward your retirement.
  • If you elected Plan B Option 4 as your retirement plan, you must complete the Plan B Option 4 Beneficiary Designation form and return it to TRS.