Shining the Light on Your TRS Beneficiary

Planning for your and your family’s future starts now.

At all stages of your career, it is very important to keep your TRS beneficiaries updated. The beneficiaries you select for your TRS account are different than beneficiaries selected at open enrollment and the information in your TRS account supersedes information in wills, divorce decrees, etc.

Register or log in to your TRS account, go to manage my account, update beneficiaries.
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For peace of mind and because Georgia law requires that the settlement of your account be made in accordance with the beneficiary information on file with TRS. Basically, having primary and secondary beneficiaries listed in your TRS account makes it easier for your beneficiaries to receive the TRS benefit they may be entitled to when you pass away.

You can modify, add, or remove beneficiaries as many times as you like in your TRS online account before you retire. Life changes, such as marriages, divorces, or death of a beneficiary, may make it necessary for you to update your account several times.

There is helpful information on our website and in the videos on this page.
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