Residency Maps

Georgia House of Representatives

Georgia House of Representatives House District 1<br />Rep. Mike CameronHouse District 2<br />Rep. Steve TarvinHouse District 3<br />Rep. Dewayne HillHouse District 4<br />Rep. Kasey CarpenterHouse District 5<br />Rep. Matt BartonHouse District 6<br />Rep. Jason RidleyHouse District 7<br />Rep. David RalstonHouse District 8<br />Rep. Stan GunterHouse District 9<br />Rep. Will WadeHouse District 10<br />Rep. Victor AndersonHouse District 11<br />Rep. Rick JasperseHouse District 12<br />Rep. Eddie LumsdenHouse District 13<br />Rep. Katie M. DempseyHouse District 16<br />Rep. Trey KelleyHouse District 18<br />Rep. Tyler Paul SmithHouse District 27<br />Rep. Lee HawkinsHouse District 28<br />Rep. Chris ErwinHouse District 29<br />Rep. Matt DubnikHouse District 30<br />Rep. Emory DunahooHouse District 31<br />Rep. Tommy BentonHouse District 32<br />Rep. Alan PowellHouse District 33<br />Rep. Leverett RobHouse District 69<br />Rep. Randy NixHouse District 112<br />Rep. Dave BeltonHouse District 114<br />Rep. Tom KirbyHouse District 115<br />Rep. Bruce WilliamsonHouse District 116<br />Rep. Terry EnglandHouse District 117<br />Rep. Houston GainesHouse District 118<br />Rep. Spencer FryeHouse District 119<br />Rep. Marcus A. WiedowerHouse District 120<br />Rep. Trey RhodesHouse District 121<br />Rep. Barry FlemingHouse District 122<br />Rep. Jodi LottHouse District 123<br />Rep. Mark NewtonHouse District 124<br />Rep. Henry &amp;quot;Wayne&amp;quot; HowardHouse District 125<br />Rep. Sheila Clark NelsonHouse District 126<br />Rep. Gloria FrazierHouse District 127<br />Rep. Brian PrinceHouse District 128<br />Rep. Mack JacksonHouse District 129<br />Rep. Susan HolmesHouse District 131<br />Rep. Beth CampHouse District 132<br />Rep. David JenkinsHouse District 133<br />Rep. Vance SmithHouse District 134<br />Rep. Richard H. SmithHouse District 135<br />Rep. Calvin SmyreHouse District 136<br />Rep. Carolyn HugleyHouse District 137<br />Rep. Debbie BucknerHouse District 138<br />Rep. Mike CheokasHouse District 139<br />Rep. Patty BentleyHouse District 140<br />Rep. Robert DickeyHouse District 141<br />Rep. Dale WashburnHouse District 142<br />Rep. Miriam ParisHouse District 143<br />Rep. James BeverlyHouse District 144<br />Rep. Danny MathisHouse District 145<br />Rep. Rick WilliamsHouse District 146<br />Rep. Shaw BlackmonHouse District 147<br />Rep. Heath ClarkHouse District 148<br />Rep. Noel Jr. WilliamsHouse District 149<br />Rep. Jimmy PruettHouse District 150<br />Rep. Matt HatchettHouse District 151<br />Rep. Gerald E GreeneHouse District 152<br />Rep. Bill YeartaHouse District 153<br />Rep. CaMia HopsonHouse District 154<br />Rep. Winfred J DukesHouse District 155<br />Rep. Clay PirkleHouse District 156<br />Rep. Leesa HaganHouse District 157<br />Rep. Bill WerkheiserHouse District 158<br />Rep. Butch ParrishHouse District 159<br />Rep. Jon G. BurnsHouse District 160<br />Rep. Jan TankersleyHouse District 161<br />Rep. Bill HitchensHouse District 162<br />Rep. Carl Wayne GilliardHouse District 163<br />Rep. Derek MallowHouse District 164<br />Rep. Ron StephensHouse District 165<br />Rep. Mickey StephensHouse District 166<br />Rep. Jesse PetreaHouse District 167<br />Rep. DeLoach BuddyHouse District 168<br />Rep. Al WilliamsHouse District 169<br />Rep. Dominic LaRicciaHouse District 170<br />Rep. Penny HoustonHouse District 171<br />Rep. Joe CampbellHouse District 172<br />Rep. Sam WatsonHouse District 173<br />Rep. Darlene K. TaylorHouse District 174<br />Rep. John CorbettHouse District 175<br />Rep. John LaHoodHouse District 176<br />Rep. James BurchettHouse District 177<br />Rep. Dexter SharperHouse District 178<br />Rep. Steven MeeksHouse District 179<br />Rep. Don HoganHouse District 180<br />Rep. Steven SainzClick Here for Metro Atlanta Details
Residency Maps
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