Preparing Your Employees For Retirement

Easing the Retirement Process

In an effort to assist your employees, TRS has developed a list of things you can do to help ease the retirement process-for both of you.

  • Encourage your employees to contact TRS for information and advice about the available retirement options before completing any application for retirement. We also recommend each member to talk to the professionals on staff at TRS to help them make the best decisions for retirement. If you are a TRS-covered employer and would like to schedule an event at or near your location, please view the video and map for scheduling information and make a request through your employer account.
  • Provide each employee with the information needed for retirement. Please direct your employees to apply for retirement online. This will save time and increase the likelihood of smooth process. They can apply online by logging into their online account and selecting Apply for Retirement on the right side of the screen.
  • Direct members to the Active Member section of this website for all of their retirement information.
  • Complete the online forms required by the employer in a timely manner to prevent delays in processing members for retirement. To find these, please login to your employer inbox. Members are not put on retirement payroll until all forms have been received and completed properly. The forms you are responsible for are Retirement Certification Report and Sick Leave Certification.
How do I confirm if a communication I receive or event is officially from TRS?

Contact us if you receive solicitations you are unsure about at or 404-352-6500. For additional information, you may download a copy of the TRS information and harmful practices letter.