Reporting Policies and Procedures

In an effort to abide by TRS laws and regulations, maintain accurate records, and provide members with the retirement pensions they’re entitled to, employers are required to submit a detailed member contributions report and Monthly Summarization Report each month.

All reports, including the detailed reports and the Summarization of Monthly Report are submitted to TRS via the online Employer Desktop. The Employer Desktop allows you to submit your monthly reporting online, from anywhere at anytime.

To register, click on the my TRS Log In button on the TRS homepage, click the Sign Up button and follow the instructions for creating an account. You will then use the User ID and Password you created to access this section to complete both reports each month.

The monthly summarization report, the detailed member contributions report (details file), and the payment, are due by the 10th day each month following the month in which the contributions were withheld. For example: May contributions will be listed in the report that is due June 10th. In order for member TRS accounts to be updated timely to reflect accurate balances, it is important that employers submit the monthly reports by this deadline. Reports received by TRS after the 10th are subject to a late penalty.