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Georgia House of Representatives (Metro Atlanta)

Georgia House of Representatives (Metro Atlanta) House District 9<br />Rep. Will WadeHouse District 14<br />Rep. Mitchell ScogginsHouse District 15<br />Rep. Matthew GambillHouse District 16<br />Rep. Trey KelleyHouse District 17<br />Rep. Martin MomtahanHouse District 19<br />Rep. Joseph GullettHouse District 20<br />Rep. Chalice ByrdHouse District 21<br />Rep. Brad ThomasHouse District 22<br />Rep. Wes CantrellHouse District 23<br />Rep. Mandi L. BallingerHouse District 24<br />Rep. Sheri GilliganHouse District 25<br />Rep. Todd JonesHouse District 26<br />Rep. Lauren McDonaldHouse District 27<br />Rep. Lee HawkinsHouse District 29<br />Rep. Matt DubnikHouse District 30<br />Rep. Emory DunahooHouse District 31<br />Rep. Tommy BentonHouse District 34<br />Rep. Devan SeabaughHouse District 35<br />Rep. Ed SetzlerHouse District 36<br />Rep. Ginny EhrhartHouse District 37<br />Rep. Mary Frances WilliamsHouse District 38<br />Rep. David WilkersonHouse District 39<br />Rep. Erica ThomasHouse District 40<br />Rep. Erick E. AllenHouse District 41<br />Rep. Michael SmithHouse District 42<br />Rep. Teri AnulewiczHouse District 43<br />Rep. Sharon CooperHouse District 44<br />Rep. Don ParsonsHouse District 45<br />Rep. Matt DollarHouse District 46<br />Rep. John CarsonHouse District 47<br />Rep. Jan JonesHouse District 48<br />Rep. Mary RobichauxHouse District 49<br />Rep. Chuck MartinHouse District 50<br />Rep. Angelika KauscheHouse District 51<br />Rep. Josh McLaurinHouse District 52<br />Rep. Shea RobertsHouse District 53<br />Rep. Sheila JonesHouse District 54<br />Rep. Betsy HollandHouse District 55<br />Rep. Marie MetzeHouse District 56<br />Rep. Marie MainorHouse District 57<br />Rep. Stacey EvansHouse District 58<br />Rep. Park CannonHouse District 59<br />Rep. David DreyerHouse District 60<br />Rep. Kim SchofieldHouse District 61<br />Rep. Roger BruceHouse District 62<br />Rep. William BoddieHouse District 63<br />Rep. Debra BazemoreHouse District 64<br />Rep. Derrick JacksonHouse District 65<br />Rep. Mandisha ThomasHouse District 66<br />Rep. Kimberly AlexanderHouse District 67<br />Rep. Micah GravleyHouse District 68<br />Rep. J CollinsHouse District 69<br />Rep. Randy NixHouse District 70<br />Rep. Lynn SmithHouse District 71<br />Rep. Philip SingletonHouse District 72<br />Rep. Josh BonnerHouse District 73<br />Rep. Karen MathiakHouse District 74<br />Rep. Valencia StovallHouse District 75<br />Rep. Mike GlantonHouse District 76<br />Rep. Sandra ScottHouse District 77<br />Rep. Rhonda BurnoughHouse District 78<br />Rep. Demetrius DouglasHouse District 79<br />Rep. Mike WilenskyHouse District 80<br />Rep. Matthew WilsonHouse District 81<br />Rep. Scott HolcombHouse District 82<br />Rep. Mary Margaret OliverHouse District 83<br />Rep. Becky EvansHouse District 84<br />Rep. Renitta ShannonHouse District 85<br />Rep. Karla DrennerHouse District 86<br />Rep. Zulma LopezHouse District 87<br />Rep. Viola DavisHouse District 88<br />Rep. Billy MitchellHouse District 89<br />Rep. Bee NguyenHouse District 90<br />Rep. Angela MooreHouse District 91<br />Rep. Rhonda TaylorHouse District 92<br />Rep. Doreen CarterHouse District 93<br />Rep. Dar'shun KendrickHouse District 94<br />Rep. Karen Bennett House District 95<br />Rep. Beth MooreHouse District 96<br />Rep. Pedro "Pete" MarinHouse District 97<br />Rep. Bonnie RichHouse District 98<br />Rep. David ClarkHouse District 99<br />Rep. Marvin LinnHouse District 100<br />Rep. Dewey McClainHouse District 101<br />Rep. Sam ParkHouse District 102<br />Rep. Gregg KennardHouse District 103<br />Rep. Timothy BarrHouse District 104<br />Rep. Chuck EfstrationHouse District 105<br />Rep. Donna McLeodHouse District 106<br />Rep. Rebecca MitchellHouse District 107<br />Rep. Shelly HutchinsonHouse District 108<br />Rep. Jasmine ClarkHouse District 109<br />Rep. Regina Lewis-WardHouse District 110<br />Rep. Clint CroweHouse District 111<br />Rep. El-Mahdi HollyHouse District 112<br />Rep. Dave BeltonHouse District 113<br />Rep. Sharon HendersonHouse District 114<br />Rep. Tom KirbyHouse District 115<br />Rep. Bruce WilliamsonHouse District 116<br />Rep. Terry EnglandHouse District 129<br />Rep. Susan HolmesHouse District 130<br />Rep. David KnightHouse District 131<br />Rep. Beth CampHouse District 132<br />Rep. David JenkinsHouse District 137<br />Rep. Debbie BucknerHouse District 141<br />Rep. Dale Washburn
Residency Maps
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